On Friday after some procrastination due to lack of visibility, 2 technical races took place under a typical Breton weather, with 20 knots blowing from the southwest, light rain and flat waters. Armando and his team immediatly demonstrated their ambitions by winnin the 2 first races. Imperial alumni captained by Calum and Maarten de Vries's Insead both set the pressure and proved that the final victory wouldn't be an easy catch.

Under the same unappealing conditions the fleet set sails for the passage race to Camaret, through the Goulet de Brest strait. A hick-up in the course setting, combined with approximate French to English translations did create some confusion and triggered interesting conversations during the Friday night dinner. It was later decided by the Jury that, in the circumstance, substance (i.e. a 15m race) would prevail over form (i.e. rounding the Bouée du Renard in the correct manner). Due to the wind conditions, the course was eventually shortened keeping the fleet away from the spectacular but challenging rocks named the "tas de pois".

The return passage race from Camaret to Poulmic on Saturday was sailed under more appealing weather conditions, with beautiful cloudy skies, breaking sun and sudden showers accompanied by 25 knots gusts which blews Imperial's spinnaker away with their lead over the fleet. Warwick, on this occasion, finished 2nd behind Armando's Inseads, and indicated that they belonged to the leading pack.


The gentle breeze blowing on Sunday morning offered a nice end to the sailing battle. Despite an early start on the 1st race, the Insead team of Armando left little hope to the others. IMD did well and obtained encouraging results for next year.