The 2024 ABCup Regatta 

planned to take place In ALICANTE this June, 

will not take place, due to logistical challenges. 


 The ABCup Regatta has been around for more 30 years and is stands a s the mother regatta of the MBA Sailing league. Splendid venues, exciting racing fleets... 

Regularly changing venues to discover new spectacular playgrounds comes at a price. Despite the efforts and skills put together by a joint team of IE and LBS alumni, it proved impossible to arrange the 2024 event initially planned in Alicante.

We nevertheless look forward to catching up in 2025 with an event worthy of the ABCup motto :  

Friendship, Glory and Fun!



The 2020 ABCup trailer...

until the ... 2025 edition is on air -->  'Match Racing in Hamburg'