1998 - Cowes (England)

Organised by Cranfield


Overal winner : Patrick Caiger-Smith - Cranfield





Thursday :  Registration, Practice race, victualling

Friday 3 races, last leg to end at the entrance of the Hamble river (mooring at Port Hamble)

Saturday: 2 races, back to Port Hamble.

Sunday : 1 race back to Port Solent

Supervision : Portsmouth Harbour Yacht Club

Boats : Sun Fast 36 (Jeanneau) chartered by Sunsail



Thursday : Champaign reception and Boson's call competition. Visit of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

Friday : Gala Dinner at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, skit competition.

Saturday : Cook-oon-board competition, bridge building competition.

Sunday : Prize giving lunch



Hilarious testing session for the bridge building competition. The competitors were given 3 meters of balsa, a tube of superglue, 2 meters of string to build the most resistant bridge of 1meter span. After 1 hour of allowed construction time, the bridges are load tested with a bucket of bricks. Three of the bridges resisted to more than 20 kg!

The Cook-on-Board competition is performed by 4 person per crew (the other 4 are building the abovementionned bridge). The 4 cooks host a dinner for 4 bridge builders of another boat. A team of dedicated (!) judges ranks each dinner throughout the night. One of the best moments for the organisers !.

A terrible collision between IMD and IE Madrid took place on saturday as one of the boats suddenly broached under spinnaker. The IMD crew saved their boat only by sailing her back to Portsmouth with a constant tilting. 

Alumni of the Cranfield Institute of Management


Rob Lambert, Paddy Caiger Smith, Simon Anderson