The first onshore game were series of round Robin sailed by models blown by the entire crew over the length of two rain gutters filled with water. Each crew had 30mn to design and built a model out of a sheet of paper, some balsa wood and scotsh tape. Too light... and it wouldn’t survive the wind created by the lungs of 7 motivated  crews ; too heavy... it would crawl miserably and eventually sink before reaching the other end of the gutter... all was much fun.

The other onshore contest was a presentation of each crew by another crew randomly designated a week in advance. Some exhilarating performance were awarded podium rankings, especially Maarten’s Insead crew description of the Spanish team, which ended in a furious bull-fight with François Barbier singing a glorious Carmen. Unforgettable as well was the Bocconi crew, dressed as pirates and telling us the story of the Fliegende De Vries, featuring Alla Bida as a perfect mermaid.